Syberia 3 Environments

What you need to know about the environment?

When we talk about the computer games, we talk and about characters often. But there is one more thing about what we must to talk – it is environment. It is important to say, that environment is a very important part of each computer game. So, today we would like to say some sentences about the environment, which you can meet in the computer games.

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The first place about which we would like to talk, is Valdilene. It is alpine village. This place is important because there Kate begins her adventure. So, there was a start. Kate visited a famous church in Valadilene.

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Let’s talk and about Barrockstad. It is a town of university. This place is important because there Kate find her companion – Hans Voralberg.

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It is one more place of computer games. There Kate fins lot of secret. Moreover she find lot of interesting information.

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Aralbad is one more place, which we want to is a very nice place, so we think that if this place would be real, lot of people would like to visit. But… Aralbad we can find only in the computer game. It is fabulous seaside and you can enjoy it on the computer.

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And what we can say about this place? It is last trading post before the vast northern ranges. Moreover, there you can find the hamlet’s strange architecture. It s really mysterious and fantastic places for all of us.

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The Great North:
Lets’s talk and about the Great North- this place you in the computer games too. It is an intermediate region. This region will love all people, who loves animals: in this place you will see lot of different animals: from elegant lemmings till lazy bears. Let’s enjoy the fanstastic view.

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The Youkol village:
One more village, which you will see in the computer, is the Youkol village. In this village characters of games will have lot of adventures too. In this village players of the game will see an amazing structure houses and railroad.


Syberia is very mythical and secret island. So, let’s visit this mysterious place.
As we can see, you can find lot of different environment on the computer games. This is a very good decision, because this variety means that there is no place for routine and we have lot of adventures.
So, let’s play computer games, let’s enjoy this variety.