Syberia 3 Characters

syberia-3-characters-7 Kate Walker is the main character in the game. It is through her that the player will experience his adventure. This young American lawyer’s mission will take her to places that she never suspected existed, and will lead her to discover her true nature.
syberia-3-characters-8 Oscar is an automaton created by Hans; he will serve as Kate’s guide throughout her adventures. In spite of his exasperating insistence on doing everything by the book, he nonetheless ends up forging a bond of friendship with Kate.
syberia-3-characters-9 Hans Voralberg
The object of Kate’s quest is Hans Voralberg, an old man whose brilliant though childlike mind is attracted by an eerie force that inexorably draws him ever further north.
syberia-3-characters-5 Mammoths
Hans Voralberg is convinced of the survival of somemammoth on an island on the north of Siberia. Kate and Hans will make a mad quest to Syberia, the mythical island of mammoths.
syberia-3-characters-10 Ivan
A dweller of Under Town in Romansbourg ;Ivan is a trickster in search of quick roads to wealth. The arrival of Kate and her strange companions strikes him as just the opportunity he needs to put his cruel plans into action.
syberia-3-characters-1 Youki
Youki is a strange creature that appears to be half sleddog and half seal. His unexpected encounter with Kate gives him the chance he needs to find his lost tribe once again. He follows her through many of her adventures, doing his clumsy best to help her on her way.
syberia-3-characters-2 Igor
Igor is considered as a gentle giant rather under influenced. Without knowing why, he is embarked in Ivan Machiavellian plans. He has an important advantage: its herculean strength.
syberia-3-characters-3 The Patriarch
The patriarch heads the monastery of Romansbourg. Skeptical and pessimistic ; his moral values outdated requires women not to be seen nor heard. They can’t leave their homes and they are forbidden to enter the holy places they could defile. Kate and Hans will need his support to continue their journey to Syberia.
syberia-3-characters-6 Emilov
Emilov is the boss of the supply store, a grocery and flea market at the same time. He is quiet and speaks in a calm way. This is the only inhabitant of Romansbourg who has no ulterior motive when he talks to Kate. Kate can trust him.
syberia-3-characters-4 Cirkos
Cirkos is the ruler of the village tavern. He proposes shows with mechanical horses that Hans has designed. Cirkos stores a huge reserve of alcohol drinks for the long cold nights of Romansburg ; but he do not tolerates in his tavern drunk or vulgar behavior.